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Top 5 Drones to Buy Under 10000 INR in India

Top 5 Drones to Buy Under 10000 INR in India

Drones are cool! Isn’t It? they are now the go-to devices for many Vloggers and filmmakers (you may have even spotted drone cameras in weddings) for aerial shots and personal use.

They have so good cameras to capture an aerial view of landscapes, buildings, and events, which otherwise would have required a helicopter or a crane may be.

The modern-day drone cameras are available with improved cameras, battery life, gimbal support, and smart flying technology making them more powerful and comfortable to fly.

Today we will take a look at some of the top drone cameras that are available in India for under 20000 for low-budget customers.

1. Ryze DJI Tello Drone

Ryze DJI Tello Drone

Ryze Tello is the latest drone on the seemingly endless conveyor belt of new models being released, but this isn’t your standard drone by any means.

Featuring a 720p camera, 10-minute battery life, and a under 20,000 price point, Tello aims to set the standard for entry-level drones in this budget. Let’s have a look at its features –

Features –

  • Ryze DJI Tello comes with DJI’s trademark reliability and quality, although they have not formally produced it as of now in this budget segment.

  • Ryze DJI Tello comes in a variety of colors, like blue, yellow, and white.

  • Ryze DJI Tello will land or take off from your palm or some other floor you place it. It will land or take off from your palm or some other floor you place it.

  • Ryze DJI comes with excellent video resolution for the category it is at, and also it is easy to fly and stable.

  • Ryze DJI Tello Drones come with one 1100 mAh (3.8V) battery, so you could get around 13 minutes in mid-air.

2. RRE Dual 4K Camera

RRE Dual 4K Camera Drone

The best drone for aerial photography and videography is the RRE Camera drone. It is a suitable option for both professionals and enthusiasts and is not too difficult to drive.

Features –

  • With the Dual camera and a sensor of 4k quality, you are guaranteed to get the best quality photos and videos that are currently possible.

  • RRE Dual has several sensors so that it detects obstacles. By adjusting the settings, you can bypass this as a professional drone pilot and make even better shots.

  • The sensor also uses Natural Color Solution technology so that the color accuracy is even better. The Dual camera allows you to capture two angels

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3. Hasten 720p Drone

Hasten 720p

Hasten 720p Adjustable A camera drone is an electronic device that can adjust on its own and can capture an image

This is a wonderful invention of technology that lets its users be independent and they can capture their wages wherever they want.

Features –

  • The Hasten 720p has a Dual Camera Stability with a 1600 MAH Battery.

  • Hasten’s can flip to 360 degrees and can hold the complete image from all surroundings.

  • Hasten has an 1800 MAH Battery with a 30-minute-Long Flying Time.

  • The Hasten 720 enables its user can capture Live Video.

  • It works with Wi-Fi Connection and it allows Real-time Image transmission.

4. Amitasha 4K Foldable

Amitasha 4K Foldable

This Amitasha drone is a mixture of high-quality performance and good battery life.

It might feel like a toy but is suitable for aerial shots and videography purposes. Let’s have a look at some of its features

Features –

  • Amitasha has a 1080p 4K Dual Camera, Selfie Gesture, and headless mode.

  • Amitasha can do a 360-degree flip action stunt.

  • With one click it can take off and land

  • Amitasha is easy to carry, as its name suggests (foldable).

5. Syma X5 SW

The Syma X5SW is a good entry-level drone for the FPV video flying experience.

The HD camera allows you to take good aerial photography and videos while flying.

Syma X5SW is stable in low and medium winds, making it perfect for flying outside.

If you want to have a longer flying experience, just take off the camera.

Features –

  • Syma X5SW has a flight duration of 6 to 8 minutes (without prop guards and the camera turned on).

  • The Syma X5SW comes with a 3.7v 500mah lithium pro battery.

  • The Syma X5SW has a control range of 50 meters.

  • For beginners, it is good at its price point with a selfie mode and video recording features for your life experience memories.


What does taking off weight mean?

Take-off weight is the maximum weight the drone can lift, including its weight. Therefore, a drone with a payload of 5 kg and a takeoff weight of 10 kg can lift that payload (canon 5dmkiii for example).

What does a heavy lift drone mean?

A multi-rotor that can take off and carry a significant amount of weight—typically more than the entire weight of the actual craft—is referred to as a heavy lift drone. Compared to hobby drones, heavy lift drones often feature larger props and batteries.

Which is the best camera drone in India?

There are numerous top drones with top cameras. Some of them are mentioned in the article above.

What is the cost of a drone camera in India?

There are literally thousands of the best drones on the market, and the best ones often cost between 15 and 50 thousand INR, with less than ten thousand being sufficient for entertainment.

Which brand of drones is best?

The greatest brands, like Amitasha, Parrot Anafi, Ryze Tech Tello, DJI Mini, and Syma X5 SW.

How far a drone can fly?

Toy drones can fly between 50 and 100 meters (150 to 335 feet), whereas mid-range and high-end drones can go between 0.3 and 1.8 miles (5 to 10 kilometers) from the controller (0.5-3 km).

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