Nest Thermostat

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A device that controls the temperature in a house or machine by switching the heat on and off as necessary

What is Thermostat?

Google came up with come notable improvements bringing more affordable model , iteration -called simply the The Nest Thermostat 

"This is likely the prettiest smartest GOOGLE'S NEST thermostat you can buy"!

Controlling your home's temperature should never be a chore. 

Auto-Schedule: Nest learns the temperatures 

Google Nest Thermostat  (3 generation)learns hour heating and cooling preference , creating optimise schedule to maximize efficiency 

Its design has a premium feel, it's easy to set up and use -- and it works well, both when using the new side controls at the thermostat itself, via the Google

It also works with remote sensors, which you can place in rooms that are too hot or cold.

The new thermostat's use of the Google Home app is notable. Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control

Notable Features
App-based programming
Presence sensing
Voice control
Matter ready


If your system is compatible, then the Nest Thermostat is a solid choice, especially if you are in the Google ecosystem.

How Well Does the Google Nest Thermostat Work

The Nest Thermostat is perfect for those new to the smart home.

The new Nest Thermostat is a perfect balance of performance and price.

The Nest Thermostat is perfect for those new to the smart home.

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