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OnePlus Nord Buds 2R

OnePlus Nord Buds 2R Best Review

Today I’m going to evaluate the Oneplus Nord Buds 2R TWS Earbuds, which were just released in India and are also the company’s least expensive TWS earbuds to date. The Oneplus Nord Buds 2 was just released and first appeared on the Indian market approximately two months ago. The Buds 2R is a pared-down version of that device. The biggest distinction is that the new Buds 2R doesn’t support ANC. Other than that, there are a few small adjustments as well.

OnePlus Nord Buds 2R
OnePlus Nord Buds 2R

Design & Build –

The new Nord Buds 2R shares a lot of similarities with the first Nord Buds 2 in terms of appearance. The charging case is now a tiny bit more compact, but you can still tell. Another alteration is the colour scheme. The Nord Buds 2 were available in Thunder Grey and Lightning White with a nice speckled finish on top, while the Buds 2R have a different vibe because they are available in plain deep grey and triple blue instead of with speckles. Everything else is mostly the same as the Nord Buds 2.

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The charging case still has that elegant, high-quality matte surface on top. The sturdy construction and sleek, compact form all contribute to the excellent in-hand experience. These are incredibly portable and perfect for everyday usage.

The pairing button, which is present on the Nord Bud 2, has been removed, which is a good feature. I’m happy with the upgrade because it eliminates the need to fuss with buttons while pairing with a non-OnePlus phone. All you need to do is open the lid. By the way, the lack of that button has an additional effect on connection, which I’ll discuss in a moment.

The design of the earphones themselves continues in the same vein. What has changed most? The earbud stems are now coolly curled, giving them a little more compact appearance. The glossy touch area has also been somewhat reduced, and the glossy finishing has been extended to the section housing the ear tips. The earphones are fashionable and well-built overall.

The nicest aspect is that using it is quite cosy. Despite the significantly smaller touch control area, utilising it is not problematic. Without any problems, tapping is simple, and the touch sensitivity is also fairly decent. Oh, and by the way, the software allows you to totally customise the touch controls.

Comfort –

The Nord Buds 2R have no issues in terms of comfort. They’ve been in my ears for about two days, and they’re just as comfortable as the Nord Buds 2. And did you know that they find comfort in what? Their thin build is the cause. An average earbud weighs 4 grammes. They are hassle-free to use constantly for two to three hours. Additionally, they are tight and secure. I even used them today in the gym and would say they are an excellent choice for sports or exercise. The Buds 2R are protected from dust, perspiration, and light rain thanks to their IP55 classification.

The Nord Buds 2R is therefore excellent in terms of design, construction quality, and comfort. It’s reasonable to state that the Nord Buds 2R is now the greatest choice available in the Indian market for around 2000 Rs, especially when it comes to design and quality.

Connectivity & Features –

Let’s discuss the features and connections. The Nord Buds 2R manages to provide various features that aren’t generally available in TWS earbuds around the 2000 Rs level, considering its low pricing. It has the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 and supports both SBC and AAC codecs, much as its more senior sister. Even though it supports Dolby, it only works with specific OnePlus (+ OnePlus 7) and OPPO phones.

There are no significant issues with connectivity or range in this case. However, Google Fast Pair functionality is missing, even though it should be. There isn’t dual pairing support either, but it does offer OnePlus Fast Connect, which means that if you have an OPPO, Realme, or OnePlus phone, opening the lid will immediately connect the earbuds, much like Google Fast Pair. Fast Pair with Realme and OPPO phones was not supported by the OnePlus Nord Buds 2, but it is with this model. It’s difficult to determine for sure if it’s because of the button functionality or whether it arrived with a later update.

Additionally, all the settings for these earbuds will be immediately accessible right on the Bluetooth setup page whether you own a OnePlus, Realme, or OPPO phone. Nothing has to be downloaded; everything is available right now. There are three pre-set audio modes and even a custom EQ option on the settings page.

Additionally, there are options for touch control customization as well as “Find My Buds” and camera control functions. The HeyMelody app, which is available for both Android and iOS, must be downloaded if you’re using a phone from a different manufacturer. But here’s a little bummer: on iOS, the HeyMelody app is unable to recognise these earbuds, exactly like it did with the Nord Buds 2. That is a serious drawback of Nord Buds 2R.

Oh, and game mode is still another thing. Both the touch controls and the HeyMelody app may be used to access it. But if you’re using a OnePlus, Realme, or OPPO phone, you won’t be able to access this option in the settings. However, these earbuds will instantly recognise and activate game mode as soon as you begin playing a game. While playing BGMI Mobile, I put this function to the test, and I have to admit that it performed admirably. Therefore, all of you gamers out there need not worry since Nord Buds 2R has you covered.

Battery –

Another benefit of the Nord Buds 2R is the battery backup. With a charging case, the OnePlus claims up to 38 hours of playback time and 8 hours with just one earpiece. This assertion performs admirably in practice. In my experiments, a single earphone provided about 6 hours of playback duration. Based on this, the charging case should provide around 30 hours of playback time, which is really impressive. The greatest thing, though? Additionally, these earbuds offer quick charging.

Microphone –

The Nord Buds 2R’s microphone is of comparable quality to that of the Nord Buds 2. It does an excellent job of recording your voice and is effective at cutting down on background noise. Although the vocal quality may use a little improvement, the clarity is outstanding.

There may be a little background noise while you’re outside, but this is normal and occurs with most TWS earbuds. The microphone is excellent overall. You will be pleased with the Nord Buds 2R microphone whether you use it for routine calls, virtual meetings, or chat sessions for video games.

Sound Quality –

Let’s now examine the sound quality. The Nord Buds 2R includes huge dynamic drivers that measure 12.4mm in diameter, and the overall tuning is the same as the Nord Buds 2. In its default setting, it produces a bass that is fairly robust. Some tunes may sound a little uncomfortable at high levels since the bass is so loud. If you prefer loud bass, you could find this to be exactly up your alley and delightful.

But unlike me, a lot of people don’t like bass tuning that is that powerful, therefore they might not appreciate the default option as much. They should give the “Bold” option of this earbud a try as it is intended for them. I gave it a go and thought it was really excellent compared to the other two options. The greatest thing is that you can also experiment with the custom EQ option, which considerably reduces the bass.

Although there is a distinct “Bass” option as well, nobody will notice that these earphones lack bass. To put it lightly, it’s very prevalent already. However, in this setting, the bass gets even stronger, which some people might enjoy.

The mid and high frequencies are also fairly good. A significant feature is that despite the bass being powerful, it doesn’t overly dominate the other frequencies, indicating good overall tuning. This is really uncommon at this price range. The mid sound is delicate yet somewhat shallow, especially the voices. Nevertheless, the degree of detail is pleasing, which is a good thing.

Although the upper frequencies are also quite good, certain music tracks don’t sound particularly crisp due to the heavy bass. However, given that most inexpensive TWS earbuds with powerful bass have this problem, this is really rather common in this price range. In fact, the Buds 2 outperforms comparable TWS earbuds in this price range in this instance.

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Simply said, its tuning is respectable and provides fair value for the money. It produces an output that is loud, clean, and has a strong bass presence. Overall, the Nord Buds 2R produces a lively and engaging audio output that the majority of listeners will love. In comparison to other brands in this price range, it performs admirably given the price.

Conclusion –

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2r is a wonderful investment at Rs 2,199. It has an attractive appearance, respectable sound quality, and a long battery life. While high bass tuning may not be to everyone’s taste, if you like it, you’ll like these Nord Buds 2R. Of course! The greatest bass-heavy TWS in this price range (around 2000-2300 Rs) is the Oneplus Nord Buds 2R.

1. What kind of sound quality can I expect from the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R?

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2R typically aims to provide clear and balanced sound quality. They might feature various audio enhancements and tuning to deliver an enjoyable listening experience.

2. Are the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R noise-cancelling?

The OnePlus Nord Buds 2R might offer active noise-canceling (ANC) or passive noise isolation features to reduce external noise and enhance audio quality. However, it’s important to check the specifications or product information to confirm this.

3. How do I connect the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R to my device?

Generally, you can connect the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R to your device via Bluetooth. The process typically involves putting the earbuds in pairing mode, searching for them on your device’s Bluetooth settings, and connecting to them.

4. Does the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R support touch controls?

Many wireless earbuds, including the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R, offer touch controls for functions like play/pause, volume adjustment, skipping tracks, and taking calls. These controls are often available by tapping or swiping on the earbuds.

5. What is the battery life of the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R?

The battery life of the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R can vary based on usage and settings. Generally, you can expect several hours of playback time on a single charge, with the charging case providing additional charges.

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