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JBL Wave Beam

JBL Wave Beam (2023) Best Review

With its brand-new TWS, the JBL Wave Beam, JBL is back and making waves in the market. The TWS is being sold at an exclusive price of Rs. 3,500. JBL claims that this price may increase in the near future; however, given the competition, this is highly unlikely.

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Anyway, skipping the BS and getting right to the point, I have my hands on some of the recently released TWS, and my assignment for today is to evaluate one of them so you can decide whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on it. So let’s start straight now without wasting any time.

JBL Wave Beam
JBL Wave Beam

Box Contents –

As usual, we begin with the box’s contents, which include some basic items. First, we have a warranty card and some startup directions. Next, a Type-C connection to charge your earphones is included, along with a couple spare earbud tips. The earphones are then finally put into the casing. There are four colour options for these earbuds: Black, White, Beige, and Mint.

Design, Build Quality & Comfort –

Moving on, JBL did a respectable job with the design and build quality. The design, however, is neither novel nor intriguing. Instead, it resembles the JBL Wave 200 that I previously reviewed in a startling way. The design’s strong foundation and use of high-quality materials give it a sturdy feel, which is a plus. Despite lacking a luxury feel, the design seems very standard.

On paper, the earbuds’ lightweight design and swirling ear tips make them comfy, but there’s a little catch. Surprisingly, the JBL Wave 200 also suffered from the same design flaw: the large earphones make it difficult to use continuously and can become unpleasant when worn for extended periods of time. My argument for this would be that the earphones’ large size makes it difficult to use them comfortably. I’ve had this issue with at least a few recent JBL TWS, thus I believe the company needs to check into it immediately.

Additionally, it has an IP54 classification, which indicates it can withstand a few water sprays or a sweaty workout on its own but isn’t entirely waterproof.

Features –

Moving on to the features, JBL includes Google Fast Pair compatibility and Bluetooth v5.2, which makes it incredibly easy to swiftly pair with your devices. The JBL Headphones app support, which makes features like custom EQ support available that are only available on high-end JBL headphones, is the next positive development. You have the opportunity to put up a custom EQ in addition to the roughly four preset EQ options.

The ANC is a feature that JBL should have added since it would have improved the overall package and revolutionized the JBL Wave Beam. If we set that aside, you should definitely be able to customize the touch gestures on your earphones. Another feature is a video mode, which is also known as a low latency mode and can be utilized for gaming or watching movies. Other functions include detecting my buds, auto power down, volume limiter, and even a video mode.

The TWS does an excellent job passively cancelling out background noises despite not supporting ANC, which is another positive. Finally, they come with an integrated microphone, which is expected given that nearly all TWS at this price bracket do, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. None of the TWS that I have tested that are at this price point have this level of background noise reduction and audio recording, which is a benefit.

Audio Quality –

Finally, we will get to the Audio Quality, which is quite important. SBC codec-compatible 8 mm drivers are available from JBL Wave Beam. Although I would have preferred it more if it had supported AAC, the highly tuned drivers help to make it tolerable. Even at maximum volume settings, the audio quality is clear and sharp. As a result, the audio is more balanced and natural.

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The sound stage might have been wider and the treble could have been a little louder, but considering the price, we cannot really complain. Overall, the JBL Wave Beam’s audio quality is excellent for its price range and would serve as its main selling point.

Battery –

Now let’s talk about the battery. According to JBL, the JBL Wave Beam has a 32-hour battery life, which seems fairly decent on paper. On real grounds, the number is based on how much you use it and how often. If I were to share my experience, the earphones’ lifespan on 80% volume was around 20 hours, which is respectable for the price.

Conclusion –

Yes, it most certainly is! The design and construction quality are good, and the sound quality is outstanding. With the exception of the ANC, you get practically all the functions you would anticipate at this price. It does not have much comfort, but given its other advantages, this is acceptable.

1. What devices can I connect to the JBL Wave Beam?

The JBL Wave Beam can be connected to a variety of devices, including TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, and mobile devices. It supports Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and HDMI ARC for enhanced audio quality when connected to a compatible TV.

2. Is the JBL Wave Beam easy to set up?

Yes, the JBL Wave Beam is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. It typically involves connecting the soundbar to your TV using an HDMI cable or Bluetooth and then following the instructions in the user manual for any additional settings.

3. Can I control the JBL Wave Beam with my TV remote?

In most cases, you can control the basic functions of the JBL Wave Beam using your TV remote when connected via HDMI ARC. This eliminates the need to switch between multiple remotes.

4. Does the JBL Wave Beam come with a subwoofer?

The JBL Wave Beam itself doesn’t come with a separate subwoofer, but it is designed to provide enhanced bass performance without one. However, some models or packages might include a separate subwoofer as an optional add-on.

5. What audio formats does the JBL Wave Beam support?

The JBL Wave Beam typically supports popular audio formats like Dolby Digital and stereo PCM. It’s a good idea to check the specifications to see the exact list of supported formats.

6. Can I mount the JBL Wave Beam on the wall?

Yes, many models of the JBL Wave Beam are designed to be wall-mountable. They come with mounting brackets and instructions to help you securely attach the soundbar to your wall.

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