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FIFINE AmpliGame A6V

FIFINE AmpliGame A6V Best Review

In this blog post we are going to have a best review on FIFINE AmpliGame A6V. There are many excellent USB microphones on the market, but it’s reasonable to assume that the number of high-quality options starts to decline once prices go below (5000 Rs) $50. The 3000 Rs (35$) FIFINE AmpliGame A6V strives to be one of the few really inexpensive solutions that is worthwhile to suggest.

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The FIFINE AmpliGame A6V is a USB condenser microphone with a gaming-specific focus that is intended for podcasters, game broadcasters, and anybody else who could be putting themselves out there on YouTube or Twitch. The inexpensive microphone has a tonne of practical features, including a built-in pop filter that can be detached, a shock mount, RGB illumination, a touch-sensitive mute button, and gain control. It has great sound quality and lots of versatility, making it the perfect microphone for podcasts and streamers, winning our Best Buy’s Choice.

FIFINE AmpliGame A6V
FIFINE AmpliGame A6V

Design & Accessories –

The FIFINE AmpliGame A6V is a 2.3-inch-wide, 6-7-inch-long cylinder. 90% of the cylinder’s sides are made up of metal grilles that cover the inside of the plastic shell, which houses the RGB lights for the microphone. Yes, one of the main selling points for this FIFINE microphone is the RGB light. The preset seven various dual-color RGB modifications of the RGB light offer you the desired mood even though customization is not possible given the price range. It complements the entire design well.

The microphone’s touch-responsive mute button, which also serves as the top cap and shuts off the RGB illumination when the mic is muted, is another noteworthy feature. You don’t need me to tell you how useful this functionality will be for online Zoom calls and live broadcasting.

The AmpliGame A6V includes a built-in shock mount; in comparison, it seems a little cheap, but at this price, we can’t really complain. The tripod stand that comes with the microphone may be installed on the shock mount using a 5/8 mount adapter. Using the same mount adapter, you may also install this microphone on an arm’s stand.

A direction adjustment lever on the shock mount enables the microphone to rotate vertically so you can easily aim it toward the sound source. You don’t have to be concerned that the included tripod may topple over while you’re repositioning it because it is solid. There is no need for further setup because the tripod and microphone are tall enough to point directly at your lips.

You may have already noticed that the microphone has a smiley-faced pop filter attached. If you don’t need it, you can remove the pop filter, although you probably won’t. Although the pop filter is small, it nevertheless prevents sibilance. It contains a gain control at the bottom to modify the sensitivity of the microphone.

What is lacking? Well, for 2700 Rs ($35), it’s hard to criticize, but there isn’t a headphone jack for direct monitoring.

Compatibility –

Even if you’re not streaming, it makes sense to want a better microphone to experiment with. Utilizing a USB Type-C to USB A connector, the FIFINE AmpliGame A6V is compatible with PS4, PS5, PC, and Mac platforms. You may use this microphone right away by plugging it in; no drivers or software are required.

Performance –

Only the “Cardioid” pattern, which tends to reject more background noise from the sides and anything behind it, is supported by the FIFINE A6V. Most vocals work well with this rhythm because it puts the speaker front and center. Naturally, this pattern is very sensitive to keyboard and mouse noise, but don’t worry too much about it; the noise gate plugin in your streaming program will take care of this.

The frequency response range supported by the AmpliGame A6V microphone is 60Hz to 18kHz. It samples from 44.1kHz to 192kHz with up to 24-bit bitrate and is sensitive to -40dB. If you decide to pursue post-production, these specifications provide you with ample information. With this microphone placed in front of you, you may adjust your voice in a variety of ways in your preferred audio mixing program. Despite not being a trained audio engineer or musician, I was able to record some rather basic vocal-based music songs. Obviously, professional musicians do not record their performances with USB mics, but in a pinch, it is possible to record fairly simple music using them.

I don’t want to compare this microphone to “Blue Yeti,” one of the most popular microphones in recent years, because the price gap is too great, but I must do so in order to get a better impression. Compared to Blue Yeti or HyperX Quantcast, the audio might be more natural-sounding and crisper. This is most likely caused by the less expensive components with a high noise floor as the A6V costs just about $30 (3000 Rs). Once more, it sounds okay and even a little. Just remember not to anticipate near-studio quality as you would with Blue Yeti or HyperX QuadCast when purchasing the FIFINE AmpliGame A6V.

Conclusion – FIFINE AmpliGame A6V

The FIFINE AmpliGame A6V fulfills all of its commitments, or it may be claimed that it offers far more than what is reasonable for the price. Perhaps as a result, it has one of the highest ratings of microphones in this price range on Amazon.

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It doesn’t record studio-quality audio, but neither do USB microphones in general, and the background noise it takes up is tolerable in most situations. A great inclusion is the built-in removable pop filter. The microphone looks fantastic on your workstation or gaming desk, despite the restricted RGB lighting’s lack of customization options.

1. What connectivity options does the A6V offer?

The A6V microphone offers USB connectivity, making it compatible with a wide range of devices, including PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles.

2. Does the A6V microphone require any special drivers?

No, the FIFINE AmpliGame A6V microphone is plug-and-play, which means it doesn’t require any special drivers. It’s ready to use once connected to your device.

3. Can I adjust the microphone’s settings?

Yes, the A6V features built-in controls for adjusting microphone gain and headphone volume. This allows you to customize the audio levels according to your preferences.

4. What is the polar pattern of the A6V microphone?

The A6V microphone features a cardioid polar pattern. This means it primarily captures sound from the front and rejects background noise from the sides and rear, resulting in clearer audio recordings.

5. Does the A6V microphone have any noise-canceling features?

Yes, the FIFINE AmpliGame A6V comes equipped with noise reduction technology to minimize background noise and deliver clear sound. This is especially useful for gamers and content creators who want professional audio quality.

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