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Best Keyword Research Tools in 2023

Best Keyword Research Tools in 2023

Modern SEO must include keyword research as a key component. Good-quality keywords are one of the most effective ways to drive consistent, high-quality traffic to your website, regardless of whether you’re relaunching an old blog or creating your content plan for a new one. To help you master your content, we’ve put up a list of some of the top keyword research tools.

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1. Semrush


The biggest keyword database available is Semrush. More than 140 international databases with more than 23 billion keywords are included in this.

Standout Features –

  • It provides a network of keyword research tools that interact with one another to form an efficient process.
  • An SEO competitor analysis tool that provides side-by-side keyword comparisons is called the Keyword Gap.
  • The Keyword Magic Tool begins with a seed keyword, like the majority of SEO keyword research tools. A seed keyword is a word or brief phrase that summarises your primary subject.
  • Any keyword in the Semrush database can be seen in depth using the Keyword Overview tool. Every time you click a specific keyword from any Semrush tool, the default top-level report opens.
  • An SEO competitor analysis tool that provides side-by-side keyword comparisons is called the Keyword Gap.

2. SEO PowerSuite

One of the greatest tools for keyword research is SEO Powersuite if you’re seeking for a full solution. Everything you need to optimize on and off-page SEO is in its comprehensive toolkit. Along with basic keyword research tools, you’ll also get alternatives for mobile and social media optimization.

Standout features –

  • Comprehensive SEO audit
  • Competitor rank tracking
  • Professional SEO reports
  • Cloud storage (up to 400 projects)
  • White-labeling reports for clients
  • Link management and backlink history

Price –

A restricted free tier and two fully featured premium tiers are both available with SEO Powersuite.

Free –

If you manage a small or personal website and only periodically need to check your site’s rankings, the free edition of SEO Powersuite can be just what you need.

Professional –

This subscription offers link management, unlimited SEO audits, and other benefits. Additionally, you’ll have access to cloud storage for up to 20 projects and white-labeling (with watermarks). Professional plans have an annual fee of $299.


This choice includes all the features offered by the Professional plan, plus additional features. For $499 a year, you can also get white-labeling without watermarks and cloud storage for up to 400 projects.

3. KWFinder Keyword Research

Mangools, a developer renowned for providing the greatest keyword research and analysis tools across categories, created the application known as KWFinder. To get started, use their beginner’s guide.

Finding keywords with low SEO difficulty is simple thanks to the KWFinder platform, which also offers a tonne of other helpful features.

Standout features –

  • A unique and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Find keywords in any language target, anywhere
  • Choose options from the list of powerful keywords
  • Get precise statistics for keyword competition
  • In-depth SERP overview alongside a list of suggestions
  • Use filters to refine the list of keyword suggestions

Pricing –

Four more SEO tools are also included in the package that KWFinder is a part of. There are very few free searches available with this keyword tool. To save up to 40% on any of their three subscriptions, choose an annual plan.

  • Basic – $29.90 (freelancers and small businesses)
  • Premium – $44.90 (new startups and blogs)
  • Agency – $89.90 (eCommerce stores and heavy sites)

4. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic

One of the top keyword research tools for content authors today is Ahrefs. The software gives users a comprehensive keyword report and uses clickstream data to produce distinctive click metrics.

Standout features –

  • Accurate keyword difficulty score
  • 1,000+ keyword suggestions
  • Supported in over 171 countries
  • Click metrics for improving CTR
  • Extensive SERP overview

Pricing –

There are four pricing tiers for Ahrefs. If you choose an annual payment plan, the pricing for independent contractors, internet marketers, mid-sized businesses, and larger brands starts at just $83 per month.

They do provide a trial offer for their Lite and Standard subscription plans for $7 for seven days.

5. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is a straightforward keyword tool with only a few essential capabilities. It is one of the market’s most reliable sources of keyword data, despite its lack of functionality. The information is straight from Google, and the outcomes work nicely with AdSense revenue.

Standout features –

  • Locate commercial keywords using the “top of page” bid range
  • Accurate search volume directly from Google’s search engine
  • Best choice for business websites

Pricing –

The Google Keyword Planner is free to use. When compared to the paid solutions on this list, it might not be among the top keyword research tools, but given that it is completely free, it makes a good complement to any keyword research toolkit.

6. GrowthBar

One of the greatest keyword research tools for bloggers and marketers who need ranking difficulty or keyword recommendations to show up in their search results is GrowthBar.

They just implemented a unique function called content outline generation, which allows you to quickly create content outlines for your blog or website including keywords, word counts, headers, photos, links, and more.

Additionally, it enables you to view competitor profiles that include information on backlinks, organic keywords, Google/Facebook ads, and related insights.

Standout features –

  • Generate content outlines with AI
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Accurate ranking difficulty
  • Long tail keyword suggestions
  • Exportable keyword data
  • On-page word count

Pricing –

After the free trial period of five days, GrowthBar will charge you according to the plan you select. You can search for as many terms as you like with the higher-tier plan. The following rates apply if you pay yearly.

  • Standard – $29/month
  • Pro – $79/month
  • Agency – $129/month

7. Long Tail Pro Keyword Research

Long-tail keywords are the new norm in SEO, which is no secret. A cult following among content creators for micro-niche sites has developed the Long Tail Pro keyword tool, which creates long-tail keywords for niche sites.

Standout features –

  • Powerful, detailed keyword metrics
  • Easily find long-tail keywords
  • Provides recommendations for attracting highly convertible organic traffic
  • 2,500+ SERP lookups every 24 hours

Pricing –

Long Tail Pro is a premium tool with a 7-day free trial. (subscription to be canceled before seven days). Subscriptions begin at $24.75 per month. (when billed annually). Long Tail Pro presently has three plans available to consumers.

  • Starter – $24.75/month
  • Pro – $44.75/month
  • Agency – $98.08/month

8. Majestic

Majestic is an all-in-one SEO tool for monitoring the health of your website. It’s an excellent tool for new blogs and small businesses that don’t have the money to spend on complex search engine optimization help.

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Standout features –

  • All SEO features are available in a single toolkit
  • Find easy-to-target phrases
  • Research competition on each keyword
  • Trustworthiness vs. authority graph for website analysis

Pricing –

Majestic allows you to sign up and conduct three free searches to get a sense of the service. The keyword checker, on the other hand, is only available in the PRO and API plans. When you choose the annual billing option, you may get the SEO toolkit for $83.33 each month.

9. Keyword Tool

Try Keyword Tool if you’re obsessed with keyword data mining. The platform is considered one of the best keyword research tools on the market, with analysis available for several search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and the App Store.

Standout features –

  • Find great keywords using Google Autocomplete
  • Supplement your social media marketing with Instagram and Twitter keyword analysis
  • Export results to CSV
  • Simple UX for beginners

Pricing –

Keyword Tool is a lot like Google Keyword Planner. It’s free for the first 750+ keywords and simple to use. The “Basic” plan of Keyword Tool starts at $69 per month and is payable annually.

10. Serpstat Keyword Research

Serpstat is an outstanding choice for a comprehensive SEO package. It not only provides one of the greatest keyword research tools, but it also provides website analytics, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, a rank tracker, and website audit capabilities. It’s an all-in-one solution designed to streamline everything you’d need for thorough SEO.

Standout features –

  • Understand your competition using the competitor graph feature
  • Find keyword difficulty and keyword trends
  • The most budget-friendly option on our list

Pricing –

Serpstat, like a number of the other choices listed here, can be used for free a few times by joining up for their trial subscription. To utilize the service regularly, you must sign up for one of their memberships. If you pay for a year in advance, a Lite plan is $55 per month. Otherwise, the monthly fee is $69 each month.

Conclusion –

The world of digital marketing in 2023 is more competitive than ever, and choosing the correct keywords is critical for every successful online campaign. Businesses may boost their search engine rankings, organic traffic, and conversions by utilizing numerous keyword research tools.

Following an examination of the most recent trends and advancements, it is obvious that various keyword research tools will stand out in 2023. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and Majestic are among these tools. Each of these tools has its own set of features and benefits, and selecting the best one is dependent on your company’s specific needs and goals.

SEMrush is a one-stop marketing tool that offers keyword research, competitor analysis, and other vital capabilities for effective online marketing. Another popular tool that provides in-depth keyword research, backlink analysis, and other features is Ahrefs. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can help organizations identify and estimate the potential reach of high-volume keywords.

Overall, the top keyword research tools in 2023 provide a variety of features and benefits to organizations of all kinds. Whether you need in-depth analysis, competitive information, or simple keyword ideas, there is a tool to match your demands and help you achieve your online marketing objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best keyword research tools for 2023?

The best keyword research tools for 2023 include SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Moz, and Keyword Tool.

2. Is Google Keyword Planner a free tool?

Yes, Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can help businesses identify high-volume keywords and estimate their potential reach.

3. What is a Keyword Tool?

Keyword Tool is a simple and effective tool that provides keyword suggestions based on search queries, search trends, and competitor analysis.

4. Which tool should I choose?

Choosing the right tool depends on the specific needs and goals of your business. Consider the features and benefits of each tool and decide which one meets your needs best.

5. Can these tools help me improve my search engine rankings?

Yes, by selecting the right keywords and optimizing your content, these tools can help you improve your search engine rankings and increase your organic traffic.

6. Are these tools suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, these tools are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, these tools can help you achieve your online marketing goals.

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