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best gaming headphones under 2000

Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 In India (July 2023)

So in this blog we are going to know about the best gaming headphones under 2000 available in India. Any game may be made thrilling and memorable by using sound effects, which have long been a key component. Super Mario comes to mind! Even millennials and members of Generation Z still remember the small “ting” sound from the game.

If you have all the necessary instruments to record and enjoy every minute detail the developer has produced, the gaming industry has progressed from a single dimension to many dimensions, providing the user with a realistic sensation of being in the game. Gaming headphones are one such essential device. Without them, you won’t be able to feel the buzz on your nerves.

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We are aware that gaming is an expensive hobby, thus adding to your financial load by purchasing more gear may be necessary. As a result, we have created a list of the Best Gaming Headphones Under 2000 that will fit your budget and be ideal for providing the most spectacular experience.

1. EKSA E900


The EKSA E900 is our top pick, mostly because of its cutting-edge features, plush seating, and incredible sound quality, but it’s also a great value that can easily compete with many more costly models. It has a fashionable, respectable-looking, cozy design and generates a variety of noises to improve your gaming and music experiences.

It has 50mm speaker drivers and produces crystal-clear music between the 20Hz and 20KHz frequency range. Although the pitch and clarity of the music are degraded, there are headphones with bass in this price range. With the EKSA E900, this is not the case since you will receive the ideal bass and music balance.

You may have a mesmerizing sound experience with decibels and quality with absolute clarity at just 50% of the volume. The Eksa E900 headset’s stereo audio functions well in video games. The constancy of different noises, whether they are loud or soft, receives a perfect score of 10 from experts.

Without having to manually adjust the level, it will produce clear sounds in soothing environments as well as when there is a high pitch of a pistol firing rounds. These EKSA gaming headphones are fantastic for PUBG, CS: GO, and titles like Valorant. Please read the EKSA E900 complete review for additional details.

Pros –

  • Good Comfort
  • Good build quality
  • Best sound quality at this price: For gaming
  • Amazing microphone quality, Detachable Microphone
  • Long cable

Cons –

  • Few instances of sound leakage – but acceptable at this price.

2. JBL Quantum 100

JBL Quantum 100

The JBL Quantum 100 is the next pair of headphones on our list of the best gaming headphones under 2000. The boom mic on Quantum 100 is its best feature. The mic is excellent for the affordable cost. Crisp, natural, and fully distortion-free sound is produced by it.

These offer decent comfort for the price. Both the headband and the in-ear cups include luxurious cushioning. Additionally, it does a decent job of separating the background noises.

The 40mm dynamic driver in these headphones allows for quite powerful sound output. They perform well on high frequencies, making it simple to hear the footfall of opponents in games. Explosions and gunfire in the games sound, in terms of bass, at most passable because there is a decent degree of boominess in them.

For their budget, the headphones’ all-plastic construction is decent. In contrast to the other more expensive headphones in the Quantum collection, they have a plain appearance and no RGB illumination. So, if the gaming aesthetic is important to you, you should consider another pair of headphones.

Pros –

  • Good design
  • Very lightweight & comfortable
  • Easy volume control, detachable mic
  • Natural and balanced sound, ideal for gaming
  • Mic quality is decent

Cons –

  • Average build
  • Soundstage is not very wide

3. Amazon Basics 7.1 RGB

Amazon Basics 7.1 RGB
Amazon Basics 7.1 RGB

The Amazon Basics gaming headphones, which come in three to four variations, are next on our list. If any of these appeal to you, you can buy it. They are identical except for the design and construction materials. Although the term “Amazon Basics” is used for all three variations, this might cause some confusion.

The top three choices are provided below for your consideration. These gaming headphones have a straightforward style and construction, but they also include a cool-looking modest RGB logo on the outside. Though considering the pricing range, it is significant to note that they are not entirely RGB configurable.

These game headphones’ main selling point is their 7.1 surround sound capability, which makes sure you can hear every gunshot, explosion, and footstep with crystal clarity. Although the first variety might not be as comfy as the other two, they are lightweight and comfortable, which is another noteworthy quality.

Being 7.1-enabled headphones, they only provide USB A connection in terms of connectivity. I’m sorry, but these headphones are not appropriate for mobile gaming. Despite the fact that I myself would have liked a detachable microphone, the microphone is respectable and warrants the price. I am generally really impressed with this product. Even though Amazon Basics may not be a well-known manufacturer of high-quality gaming gear, these goods are surprisingly nice.

Pros –

  • Stysligh design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 7.1, Good sound quality for gaming
  • Decent microphone
  • Minimum RGB. I like it

Cons –

  • Build quality is average
  • Not for mobile gamers; only USB A
  • Software is just Ok

4. EKSA E3000

EKSA E3000
EKSA E3000

We now go on to the Eska E300 headphones. These headphones don’t have the poor audio quality and incompatibility that plague most inexpensive gaming headsets. These headphones have a 50 mm big driver and provide decent sound production. Even at higher settings, the audio is not too distorted or loud.

In games like PUBG and BGMI, the outstanding surround sound enables you to precisely pinpoint the direction of enemy footsteps, gunfire, and oncoming vehicles. Additionally, the bass response strikes a decent balance for a gaming headset by being tasteful and not overbearing.

Even the microphone produces powerful, clear speech output with little ambient noise. The headphones have a simple, ring-shaped LED light design with a little branding. They successfully juggle a distinctive look with a respectable gaming atmosphere.

They are well-built with a lot of metal, which makes them sturdy and gives them a high-end feel. They are made more sturdy by the fact that the entire frame is composed of steel. Long gaming sessions are made much more comfortable by the medium-sized ear cups’ plush cushion pads, which also serve to muffle outside noise.

Pros –

  • Stylish design
  • Solid build
  • Gaming sound quality is good, ideal for pubg, cs: go types games.
  • Good microphone

Cons –

  • Little bit bulky
  • Sound quality is not ideal for music



Our second pick on the list of the best gaming headphones under 2000 is the ROYAL KLUDGE RKE6000. This gaming headset features 7.1 Surround Sound compatibility and strong, high-quality audio. Speaking of comfort, the stub microphone and RGB lights on these RKE6000 headphones make them exceptionally light and portable.

This headset also has 50mm neodymium drivers to improve sound quality and overall audio experience. The RKE6000 is built with 3D draped earcups, which contribute to one of the greatest sound insulation on the market, to drown out ambient sounds.

This headset also has 50mm neodymium drivers to improve sound quality and overall audio experience. The RKE6000 is built with 3D draped earcups, which contribute to one of the greatest sound insulation on the market, to drown out ambient sounds.

The business gave some thought to how to develop this specific headset since it features a self-adjusting head beam that enables you to wear it in any posture. The left earcup characteristics on the headset’s extremely sensitive diaphragm are well situated for hands-free speech conversation. The 2-meter, tangle-free, wider cable features built-in volume controls and microphone regulators and is compatible with all PCs, gaming consoles, laptops, cellphones, and tablets. It also contains a 3.5mm audio port and USB A connection.

Pros –

  • Unique Stylish design
  • Decent build
  • 7.1 Surround sound, decent sound quality for gaming
  • Decent microphone
  • Long breaded cable

Cons –

  • Little bit bulky
  • Average build

Conclusion –

Without breaking the money, picking the best gaming headphones under 2000 in India will significantly improve your gaming experience. We have investigated a number of the strongest competitors in this price range and taken into account their essential attributes, such as sound quality, comfort, build quality, and extra features.

The greatest selection among them will ultimately rely on your gaming requirements and personal tastes. It is advised to take into account elements like sound signature, comfort, compatibility, and any other features that could be significant to you.

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To make an informed choice while looking for the best gaming headphones under 2000 rupees in India, it is essential to do your homework and read reviews from reliable sources. Additionally, think about testing them out if you can because everyone has different audio and comfort preferences. You can improve your gaming experience and fully immerse yourself in the world of your favourite games without breaking the bank by making an investment in a good pair of gaming headphones.

1. How important is sound quality in gaming headphones?

Sound quality is crucial in gaming headphones as it enhances the overall gaming experience. Clear and accurate audio reproduction allows you to hear important in-game cues, such as footsteps or gunfire, giving you a competitive edge. Look for headphones that offer immersive sound with good bass response, crisp mids, and detailed highs.

2. Do these headphones have built-in microphones for communication during multiplayer gaming?

Some of the gaming headphones in this price range come with built-in microphones, while others may require you to purchase a separate microphone. If communication during multiplayer gaming is important to you, look for headphones with a clear and adjustable microphone, or consider purchasing a separate gaming microphone.

3. Can I expect these headphones to have a long lifespan?

While the durability of gaming headphones can vary, the top contenders in the under 2000 rupees price range generally offer decent build quality. However, it’s essential to handle them with care and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance and storage to ensure their longevity.

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